Create A DIY Bubbler To Attract Even More Birds To Your Yard
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Create A DIY Bubbler To Attract Even More Birds To Your Yard

Apr 18, 2024

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Birds love a bubble bath, and who can blame them? The gentle splashing of the water makes it sound like a babbling brook is nearby, and birds are attracted to moving water. It could be that they instinctively know that moving water is fresher and cooler, or maybe they can't resist the way the sunlight reflects off the rippling surface. Many birds who may not visit your backyard bird feeder may still come visit your bubbling bird bath, because not all birds eat seeds, but all birds need a drink and a refreshing splash in the water. It's easy to create your own bird spa with just a few materials: a wide and shallow pan, several large rocks, and a small submersible water pump.

The advantage of building your own bubbler is that you can create one that mimics what birds really enjoy –- a shallow puddle or a gentle stream. Many bird baths sold in commercial stores are large and deep, with slippery edges that are difficult for birds to perch on. The water should not be deeper than two inches in the center part of the bath, with just an inch or less of water at the sides. You'll discover that your feathered friends will appreciate a cool drink in the summer, and they'll also be glad to find a source of moving water that hasn't frozen in the winter. Here's how to create this wonderful little oasis in your own backyard.

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Start by selecting a shallow pan that can be elevated off the ground by using something simple like a plant stand. At the bottom of the pan, attach a small submersible pump, such as this one from Amazon. The pump may have suction cups attached so it can be stationed underneath the pan. If it includes a power cord, it can run continuously when it's plugged in. You can also choose a small fountain like this one from Amazon that is solar-powered if you would prefer not to plug in the pump. Adjust the settings to a low level so that the water is bubbling and not spraying high in the air. Keep in mind that a solar pump will not run as consistently, especially on cloudy days with limited sunshine.

Fill the pan with several large flat rocks that will give the birds plenty of space to stand, as though they were perching on an island in the middle of their oasis. Most birds prefer to bathe by splashing in shallow water and would rather not swim in water that is too deep. The large surface area of the flat rocks is a place for them to rest, take a drink, clean their feathers, and enjoy taking a look at all the other bird activities going on at the bubbling bath.

Maintain the freshness of the bird bath by changing the water every one or two days, and clean the bath by scrubbing it with nine parts water and one part vinegar. Keeping the water fresh will prevent birds from spreading any disease, and it will also prevent mosquitoes from multiplying. Replacing the water frequently will also keep algae from forming. The pump will need to be cleaned occasionally so that water continues to flow freely. This is usually a simple step of opening the cover and rinsing out the debris that collects inside. Be sure to unplug the pump before cleaning it, and follow the directions to ensure it's cleaned thoroughly.

Place plants beneath the bubbling bath to benefit from the drips and splashes of your small visitors, making it a haven for all growing things. Try to position the bird bath under a little bit of shade so that the water stays cool and pleasant. By taking these steps to create a bubbling bath for your backyard birds, your garden will become a flurry of colorful activity and a source of refreshment for both you and your feathery friends.