Public Fitness Stations Installed in Parque de los Niños
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Public Fitness Stations Installed in Parque de los Niños

Jul 25, 2023


Grant money from the federal, state, local government comes either from taxes or debt. Either way, it is tax payer funded. Coastal California sends more tax dollars to Washington DC than it gets in return through grants and services. So your argument is that we should not buy quality equipment or that regardless to quality and cost effectiveness we should never question the purchasing choices made by city parks and rec? If not, why not?

"Is there anything at all you cons support using local tax dollars for? Every. Single. Article. about anything gets the same complain from the same people - "they're wasting our tax dollars."-"

I like parks and I like the idea of kids playing, exercising in parks and adults exercising, playing with their kids. The nuance that you missed was that both Zerohawk and I'd rather have spent Cabrillo field levels of cash for good equipment than cheap bad equipment... or then perhaps leave out the equipment for now, put other amenities, come back to it later.

"So, I put forth to you and the others: What would you approve your taxes being spent on locally?As I said above, I like parks, National to local and kids. I want transitional housing, shelters and the funding for them to help people with children who have recently fallen into homelessness. I want to help others as well, but families, single parents, single women are particularly vulnerable to others on the streets. I support funding for voluntary sober living facilities for the people who want to get clean, and additionally would like to develop a voluntary choice, paid work program similar to the WPA for the freshly sober. I want funding for non-voluntary sober living facilities for those whose addictions have put them into our correctional system. I am old fashioned and believe that people in correctional facilities should be directed into corrective activities and am agreeable to funding rehabilitative measures. I dislike prisons, but realize some people need a "time out" so the rest of society can stop worrying about the rapist who was climbing in windows like the Night Stalker.

My question for you would be: Why do you rationalize money wasted by citing nebulous good intentions?

Rhetorical question with answer following:Doesn't everybody know it is always better to buy 2 high quality, high utility products than it is to buy 4 of marginal quality, marginal utility? Answer? No, and they never will if no one requires them to learn. It is like buying a dozen pair of socks for some absurdly low price. They immediately fail. Some will tear, others will not stay up etc etc. and quickly you still have a dozen "socks" that really are not socks, because they cannot perform as a sock but are OK to use as a rag. Better to have bought 2 pairs of socks for the same price and have two pairs of socks that function as socks.... oh sorry I forgo,. it was a grant. Never mind. Completely validates the bad choice