Utah Inland Port Authority creates Golden Spike Project Area
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Utah Inland Port Authority creates Golden Spike Project Area

May 26, 2023

Salt Lake City—The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) Board of Directors unanimously approved the Golden Spike Project Area resolution in Box Elder County, creating Utah’s fourth inland port. The decision was made during UIPA’s board meeting held Monday, August 21, 2023, in Brigham City. The development furthers UIPA’s state directive to facilitate appropriate development throughout the state of Utah that encourages the retention and expansion of existing companies and the recruitment of new companies to create employment opportunities for residents surrounding Project Areas.

With its strategic location and unique logistical advantages, Box Elder County is poised to become a key player in the state’s economic and logistics strategy. Box Elder County, spanning more than 6,700 square miles and adjacent to the states of Idaho and Nevada, offers unparalleled connectivity. Its borders with Utah counties, such as Weber and Cache, witness a daily net migration of more than 7,000 workers leaving Box Elder for work elsewhere. This migration pattern underscores the need for local economic development and job opportunities.

“The establishment of the Golden Spike Inland Port Project Area represents a significant milestone for Utah’s economic future,” said Miles Hansen, UIPA Board Chair. “The proposed location of the Golden Spike Project Area offers substantial benefits for neighboring counties. Three of the top five importing counties – Cache, Davis, and Weber – along with two of the state’s top five exporting counties – Weber and Cache – stand to gain from this strategic location. David County will also have access to options between this location and Salt Lake CIty.”

One of the project’s highlights is its potential to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance logistics efficiency. By processing cargo locally in the Brigham City location, freight that would typically pass through Box Elder and other southern counties can be efficiently distributed, reducing the strain on roadways and enhancing reliability for shippers. Additionally, the project aims to leverage existing rail infrastructure to create rail-served industrial spaces, allowing businesses to transport cargo with dimensional or weight considerations. Developing an alternative fueling station (“Superstation”) within the Project Area that supports alternative fuel trucking will drive the adoption of cleaner transportation technologies.

“Collaborating with UIPA on the Golden Spike Project Area marks a turning point for Box Elder County and the entire region,” said Stan Summers, Box Elder County Commissioner. “With a focus on light industrial, aerospace, composites, food manufacturing, steel-related industries and more, this Project Area is set to attract high-tech advanced manufacturing jobs and create a thriving economic focal point. Box Elder County remains focused on quality of life and quality growth. These Project Areas reflect Utah’s forward-looking approach to economic development, sustainability, infrastructure improvement and job creation.”

As a state entity, UIPA has a unique role to coordinate a statewide economic development and logistics system to ensure long-term sustainability and statewide value. To learn more about the Golden Spike Project Area and UIPA in general, visit inlandportauthority.utah.gov. For media inquiries, please contact Nicole Allen at [email protected] or 801.884.3443.

About Utah Inland Port AuthorityThe Utah Inland Port Authority was created in 2018 to pioneer and implement strategic and sustainable logistics-backed economic solutions that enhance the lives of Utahns, and establish Utah as a global industry connector. UIPA is the leading creator of future-focused economic development, transforming economies and communities across the state through innovative logistics practices.

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