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Top 10 Best Power Supply Units for PC Gaming

Feb 08, 2024

PSU is one of the building blocks of a desktop computer. Without a proper power supply unit, you can not make, let alone run, a PC. Here, we will point out the 10 best power supplies for PC gaming from the sea of high-quality PSUs. They are made with high-quality components that provide optimal protection against sudden power surges and fluctuations. Keep in mind, you must use at least an 80 Plus Bronze rated power supply in a gaming system.

There are some points you should check to get the best PSUs for gaming PC. You have to check these features and points before making any buying decisions. These are valid for all the PSUs for desktop computers available in the market. We have tried to include the most important things you should check before getting a new PSU.

Size: You must know the size of the PSU you require before scrolling down on websites and wandering in the local shops. There are ATX, SFX, and a few other sizes available. The OEM-built ones are not expected as they are proprietary built and certainly not suitable for general and custom PC users. Almost all types of casings, from full tower to mini-ITX size ATX sized PSUs, have the most clearances.

Wattage Capacity: This is a crucial point to pay heed to. There is a belief that the more the Watt is capable of max output, the better. This is certainly not true; yes, you can buy a large capacity PSU for future upgrades.

But it would help if you did not overdo it, as it will cost more and does not bear any additional value. You must check your CPU, motherboard, and GPU power requirement. For a single GPU-based PC, a 650-750 watt PSU is more than enough in most cases.

If you have a mid-tier GPU, we will suggest you buy a PSU that has a capacity of between 550 to 650 watts. You will have some of the best PSUs for PC gaming at that range at affordable prices.

Efficiency Certifications: Power-efficient certification is necessary to know about the overall quality of a PSU. The way a PSU is rated goes through a lot of processes and expectations. PSUs are supposed to provide continuous power of at least 80 percent of the advertised wattage. The rating starts from 80 Plus white to Platinum.

It is better to choose one of the best power supplies for PC gaming from at least 80 Plus Bronze. The 80 Plus Gold is the sweet spot. As most of the GOLD grade PSUs are made with high-quality components and come in an affordable price range. For, budget gamers 80 Plus Bronze/Silver rated PSUs are more than enough if that is from a well-known brand.

Budget: like it or not but budget plays a huge role while making any purchasing decisions. To buy one of the best PSUs for gaming, you must get the most feature-enriched one with an extended warranty period.

If you are tight on a budget, try getting a large capacity PSU from the Bronze or Gold-rated tier. You can easily find 650w or 750w of Bronze-rated PSUs under 80USD from any good brand.

If budget is not a problem, you can surely get the best of the best PSUs for your satisfaction. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 1050W is expensive and has solid built quality with an extended warranty period. Although, this might seem overkill for budget builders.

Warranty: This is an essential point you have to check, and the more warranty a company provides, the better. You will find that GOLD or more excellent rated power supply for gaming PC are entitled with 10 or more years of warranty. A bronze-rated power supply unit with a 5-year warranty will also do the job. As you might probably upgrade or change your PC components every 3/4 years.

Modularity: There are different types of power supplies for gaming available in the market. Some come with detachable ports and cables that are known as modular PSUs. The fixed ported ones are non-modular type PSUs. You will find these at a relatively low price. You can choose any of them according to your preference.

PCIe and EPS connectors: This is another critical factor you must check before buying a new PSU. PCIe connectors and EPS connectors are the reason to buy a high-quality PSU, so check your requirement, and it is always better to get a PSU with additional connectors. That way, you will have an easy upgrade path in the future.

Some PSU comes with more than 1 EPS connector with 8pins. They tend to be pricier. You can buy them, but you should not expense more if you need that additional feature. Also, check the voltage and ampere ratings for the PCIe and EPS connectors.

You will find PSUs for gaming PC in almost all the computer stores. It is a fundamental component, so it is widely available. If you are looking for the best power supply for PC gaming, you can easily buy them on online shops, such as your local Amazon, NewEgg, eBay, PCPartPicker, Walmart, etc. They even provide attractive discounts and price cuts on high-quality PSUs from time to time.

You have to choose the suitable power supply for your gaming PC according to the overall need of the system. If you choose a well-known brand with at least 80 Plus gold or bronze, that is good to go.

Also, you have to keep in mind that 80 Plus certification certifies the efficiency performance. You can choose from EVGA, Thermaltake, Corsair, Seasonic, etc. Also, look out for package deals with PSUs; they can save you some bucks.

A high-quality PSU is a must for a PC. If you are a gamer, then you should get one of the best PSUs for gaming. We have checked all the measures, popular choices, genuine user reviews, and first-hand experience on many certified power supply units available in the market. All that effort is taken to filter out and inform you about the few best power supplies for gaming.

Max DC Output: 750w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Gold | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 140 mm Fan | Modularity: Fully Modular | EPS connectors: 2X EPS | PCIe connectors: 4X PCIe | Warranty: 10 years

+ Remains cool in heavy workloads+ Offers silent operations+ Meets the requirements for ATX v2.52+ Uses 140mm magnetic levitation Fan+ 100 percent modular functionality+ Includes 2X EPS and 4X PCIe connectors+ Offers 10 years of the manufacturer’s warranty+ Superior performance in mid to heavy workloads– Poor Fan optimization– Conjugated positioning in peripheral connectors– Fewer efficiency boost would do fine

Corsair RM750x is one of the complete power supply units for desktop computers. This is rated as 80 Plus Gold and offers superior performance in gaming sessions. You will have a stable power supply and risk-free OC performance all day long.

The new 2021 version is more refined and considered one of the best power supplies for PC gaming. This is capable of handling any graphics cards to the fullest extent.

The modular board used in this PSU is made with high-quality PCB, making the power supply highly efficient. It includes 5VSB rails with standby PWM controllers, 12V FETs, and VRMs. It is manufactured by CWT, which ensures solid capacitors, PCB, and relays for unparalleled durability.

Moreover, this PSU offers 2X EPS for additional flexibility for extreme users. You are free to assemble this PSU in your way as it’s completely modular with the industry’s best power cables.

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Max DC Output: 450w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Bronze | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 120 mm Fan | Modularity: No | EPS connectors: 1X EPS | PCIe connectors: 1X PCIe | Warranty: 5 years

+ Competitive price+ Features complete protection set+ Comes with a modern platform+ Includes refile-bearing fan+ Provides 5 years of warranty– Short peripherals connectors distance– Non-modular PSU

If you plan to go for a budget-oriented CX line PSU from Corsair, its CX450 can meet all your basic needs. This feature-rich power supply unit comes with an excellent soldering quality and two different OEMs. Besides, it is manufactured with LLC resonant converters and high-quality refile-bearing fan fans.

It also includes additional voltage regulation modules that will help to generate minor rails on the unit. Eventually, this PSU can cause a 5VSB rail that is highly efficient even under light loads.

The best part of this board is its platform, and I am sure you won’t get one with a modern platform like this PSU in this price range. Additionally, this PSU tends to increase its notice output, and for that, it uses a better fan profile.

But this power supply unit has a single PCIe connector limitation, which can be a cause to avoid it. Still, if you plan for mainstream builds with low-power graphics cards, this one is definitely your must-have.

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Max DC Output: 500w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Bronze | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 120 mm Fan | Modularity: No | EPS connectors: 1X EPS | PCIe connectors: 2X PCIe | Warranty: 3 years

+ Efficient voltage regulation+ Affordable with good budget value+ Manufactured with80PLUS Bronze certified+ Comes with 6 SATA cables+ High amperage multi-rail design+ Ensures heavy-duty protections– Non-modular design– 500w rating– Only 3 years of warranty

You can also try EVGA 500 B1 if you think about a budget-friendly PSU for the mainstream build. This PSU is definitely a well-known one for being affordable with a significant budget value. With 6 SATA cables, you can initially get a total of 500 watts of power transmitted.

Besides, under the typical loads, its 80PLUS Bronze Certified functions will ensure around 85 percent efficiency. And also, its efficiency and maximum power are increased with the High Amperage Multi-Rail Design.

This 500w rating PSU also comes with a few drawbacks as well. Unlike most other PSU, it provides only 3 years of warranty which is quite disappointing. Also, it’s a non-modular PSU.

But still, it can perform perfectly for regular users and medium graphics gamers. However, this protective PSU offers Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, and Over Current Protection. So, it must be a good pick if you don’t have too many functions to use.

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Max DC Output: 1050w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Platinum | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 140 mm Fan RGB | Modularity: Fully Modular | EPS connectors: 2X EPS | PCIe connectors: 8X PCIe | Warranty: 10 years

+ Completely modular cables+ 10 years o warranty+ Ultra-quiet performance+ High quality Japanese 105°C/221°F capacitors+ 14 RGB fan with concentrated compression fan blade– Doesn’t have any over-temperature protection– Poor fan profile

Thermaltake has brought out the Toughpower Grand RGB 1050W Platinum, where it introduced the way to incorporate the RGB lights for the very first time. This PSU comes with a pretended and pre-installed 256 colors Riings of 14 RGB fans.

And an anti-vibration mounting system will be there to protect the Riings. It also has the best Japanese capacitor with temperature protection of 105°C. Its completely modular design provides the best performance for sure.

About the ventilation system, I have a lot to say. Its side ventilation design is very protective, and you will also love its concentrated compression fan blade. Still, the fan profile is not satisfactory if you plan heavy use like mining or extreme overclocking.

Besides, the missing of over-temperature protection can be a cause to stop thinking about it. Still, the overall performance of the PSU with the LLC converter is appreciated, and the 10 years of warranty will definitely make you assured.

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Max DC Output: 650w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Gold | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 120 mm Fan | Modularity: Fully Modular | EPS connectors: 1X EPS | PCIe connectors: 4X PCIe | Warranty: 10 years

+ Designed with Mythic voltage regulation+ Fully modular cables+ 10 years of warranty+ Comes with the high-quality ripple control+ Efficient design and compact size+ Great build quality– Comparatively expensive– Shorter peripheral connectors distance– No power-draw monitoring system

You can also try NZXT E650 if you plan to have a medium-budget PSU with 10 years of warranty. This incredible PSU with complete modular cables can obviously meet all the general needs of your PC power as it has come with excellent build quality.

Additionally, it is designed with the modified version of the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold platform. A digital interface will also ensure PSU monitors through a well-implemented application as well.

Basically, NZXT launched 3 models of the E series with power variations from 500 W to 850 W. And this one; we are talking about is the middle one of the third. As 500W will have less efficiency while 800 W can be more than sufficient, you can definably choose this one for general use.

Still, the face can disappoint you that the peripheral connection distance is comparatively shorter here, and there’s a missing power draw monitoring system. Apart from that, it’s a cool PSU for your PC.

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Max DC Output: 650w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Gold | Form factor: SFX-L | Cooling: 120 mm Fan | Modularity: Fully Modular | EPS connectors: 1X EPS | PCIe connectors: 4X PCIe | Warranty: 10 years

+ Excellent overall performance+ Features fully modular cables+ Ten-year warranty+ SFX-to-ATX mounting bracket+ Powerful build quality– Comes with only a single EPS connector– High inrush currents– Lower 5VSB efficiency

SFX is always a familiar name when you will talk about the best PSU for gaming. And Fractal Design Ion SFX 650 Gold has come with excellent performance and tons of advanced features to beat its competitors.

This one is again equipped with highly flexible and fully modular cables that refer to the powerful UltraFlex. Aside from that, it comes with SFX-to-ATX mounting adapter bracket that is not available on its nearest competitor, the SF600 Gold unit’s bundle.

10 years of warranty is not often available for all the PSU. But this one will provide you that much longer support as well. Eventually, its powerful build quality and features design will amaze you for sure.

But it has some drawbacks to disappoint you as well. You may not like it because of its single EPS connector and relatively lower 5VSB efficiency. Still, it is considered as one of the best budget-value PSU, and everything of it is just perfect for your day-to-day use.

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Max DC Output: 1000w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Platinum | Form factor: SFX-L | Cooling: 120 mm Fan | Modularity: Fully Modular | EPS connectors: 2X EPS | PCIe connectors: 6X PCIe | Warranty: 5 years

+ Excellent build quality+ Comparatively higher power density+ Fully modular capacitor+ Great transient response+ 47°C full power capacity.+ Relatively longer hold-up time– Comparatively pricey– Can be noisy sometimes– Lower efficiency issue– OTP is missing

Once again, it’s another masterpiece from SFX, and it will surely get a calp for its excellent gaming performance. Designed with great build quality, SilverStone SX1000 SFX-L has come to provide you with something best.

It can work at its full power at almost 47 degrees Celsius. Indeed, the ventilation system is excellent in this compact size PSU. If you manage to keep the load below 700W, this PSU will support a robust gaming system for sure.

But you won’t love its longer Power-On time which is almost more than 150ms. Also, the existing PF is relatively higher with 230V. And if you are longing for a quiet PSU, then you better skip it.

Under high load, it makes noise, and it can irritate you anyway. But if these issues don’t seem serious to you, they can be your piece of cake. After all, the day-to-day PC user doesn’t have problems with these issues, and for gaming, its performance is remarkable.

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Max DC Output: 1000w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Titanium | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 135 mm Fan | Modularity: Fully Modular | EPS connectors: 2X EPS | PCIe connectors: 8X PCIe | Warranty: 10 years

+ Features ETA-A+ efficiency+ Complete modular capacitor+ Comes with 10 years of warranty+ Includes 80+ Cybernetics and Titanium+ Suites benchmark and sleeved cables+ Available 8x PCIe & 2x EPS connectors– Poor OCP triggering points– Short distance peripheral distance– Not much affordable

Once you seek the best 1kW PSUs, none will mention any other PSU before Corsair AX1000. On your next build, it can be the centerpiece if you plan to have the highest possible performance. To satisfy the power-hungry hardware, Corsair has added high-performance 1000W and 850W to its AX family, and so, you should better not miss it.

No doubt that 1000W performs better than its nearby member, 800W, when it is about the overclocking performance. But if your task on the PC is simple and has no complications, 800W can be a good match either.

Among the best inexpensive PSUs, AX1000 is not familiar for being relatively costly. But if you manage to compare its features with the price, maybe you can be happy. Besides, the OCP triggering points and the short distance peripheral distance can be a cause that can disappoint you.

Still, the overall performance is better than we expect. Especially, the fact about its 80+ Cybernetics and Titanium structure that comes with 10 years of warranty cannot be ignored anyway. Hopefully, you’ll get the best answer about this PSU by yourself.

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Max DC Output: 650W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Gold | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 120 mm Fan | Modularity: Fully modular | EPS connectors: 2X EPS | PCIe connectors: 4X PCIe | Warranty: 10 years

+ Feature-rich performance+ Efficient workability+ Operate silently+ Fully modular capacitor+ Alternative sleep mode supported+ Relatively affordable– Same cable EPS connectors– Poorly response to the transient

To get a classy PSU with a high-end CWT platform, you must try XPG Core Reactor 650W. Its leading performance in gaming has brought it to the place of being the nearest opponent like Corsair RM650x.

Basically, this one is the tiniest member of the line of Core Reactor. Still, it works like a beast even if you have much power-hungry hardware on your PC. Besides, it is efficient and supports the alternative sleep mode as well.

This fully modular power supply unit also comes at a comparatively affordable price and provides a long-term warranty. This compact size power supply unit also works silently, and even under excessive load, it won’t sound at all. But you may not like the function of the transient response of this PSU.

It response only at 3.3V, and for sure, it could be developed. Also, two EPS connectors in this power supply unit are on the same cable, and that can be an effective drawback of it. Still, this PSU performs incredibly for gaming and overall performance.

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Max DC Output: 1000w | Efficiency: 80 Plus Titanium | Form factor: ATX | Cooling: 135 mm Fan | Modularity: Fully Modular | EPS connectors: 2X EPS | PCIe connectors: 6X PCIe | Warranty: 12 years

+ Excellent build quality+ Includes FFD fans and HDDs+ Longest warranty+ Silently work+ Comes with load regulations and Ripple suppressor+ Perfect transient responsiveness+ Fully modular and accurate power signal– OCP at 5VSB– Comparatively expensive

And lastly, we have Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000 on the list of the best PSU for gaming. Well, the best part of this PSU is its long-term warranty that is almost 12 years. No doubt that it’s a record-breaking warranty time ever.

About the performance, it also shows its excellency anyway. The company even ensures the best analog platform with this unit. And still, after so many years, it is known to be the strongest Titanium-class PSU.

I would also like to mention the price as well. Remember that you won’t get the great thing at a low price very often. As usual, it is pretty much pricey, and you must understand the reason for that. LAMBDA-A++ badge of this PSU will keep an eye on its noise output for sure.

Also, the cooling fan of this PSU measures 135mm, and the ventilation system is perfect. But you may not like the short peripheral connection distance of it. Otherwise, it can be the ideal match for your next build.

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Q: What PSU wattage do I need for my PC?

A: In 2021, almost all the general users are using a 6 or 8 core processor. If that is paired with mid to top-tier GPU, a 650 to 850 watts PSU would be more than enough. We would personally suggest a Gold rated 650w or 750w, as that will suit almost all the requirements.

Entry-level gamers can get something over 550w. The sweet spot is 750w, as that can accommodate almost all the flagship-level CPU-GPU setups. If budget is not a factor, go ahead and buy something like Corsair RM750x or similar.

Q: Which power supply is best for gaming PC?

A: Corsair AX1000 is regarded as one of the best power supplies for gaming PC. There are many according to different Watt capacities. The sweet spot is between 650 to 850 watts. For example, XPG Core Reactor 650W is excellent for a mid-budget gaming PC.

It is up to personal choice and requirement according to the overall system. It would help if you bought a PSU from a well-known brand. For heavy use, you can get a Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000 for its exceptional compatibility and excellent built quality.

Q: Is a 650 watt PSU enough for 3060 TI?

A: Yes, as Nvidia rated a 600 watt PSU for RTX 3060 Ti. A 650-watt power supply can easily handle a 3060 Ti even a 3070 all day long. Technically you can even go with a 550w PSU for 3060 and 3060 Ti, but that is not recommended for regular users.

Q: Is a 650W power supply enough for a gaming PC?

A: A 650w power supply is excellent for a gaming PC. Please buy a PSU from renowned brands, such as Thermaltake, Corsair, Fractal Design, Cooler Master, and so on. You can use almost any modern mid-range GPU with an 8 core mainstream processor with a 650 watts bronze or gold grade PSU.

In the end, we are happy to suggest to you some of the best power supplies for PC gaming that are available in the market. You can not go wrong if you choose one of them as your next PSU. Moreover, the mentioned tips will help you select a high-quality power supply unit from thousands of choices. And, kindly do not cheap out on a PSU as it is crucial for all the components. Don’t forget to knock us if you need any further help. Thank you.

What to Check Before Buying the Best Power Supply?Size:Wattage Capacity:Efficiency Certifications:Budget:Warranty:Modularity:PCIe and EPS connectors:Where to Find the Best Power Supply?Best Power Supply for PC Gaming1. Corsair RM750xMax DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:2. Corsair CX450Max DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:3. EVGA 500 B1Max DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor: Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:4. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 1050W PlatinumMax DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:5. NZXT E650Max DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors: Warranty:6. Fractal Design Ion SFX 650 GoldMax DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:7. SilverStone SX1000 SFX-LMax DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:8. Corsair AX1000Max DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:9. XPG Core Reactor 650WMax DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:10. Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000Max DC Output:Efficiency:Form factor:Cooling:Modularity:EPS connectors:PCIe connectors:Warranty:FAQQ:A:Q:A:Q:A:Q:A:Finally, Insight