SIX FIVE Audio Announces its TurboMount Technology and Fusion Soundscape Pathway Lights with Integrated Speaker: CEDIA 2023
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SIX FIVE Audio Announces its TurboMount Technology and Fusion Soundscape Pathway Lights with Integrated Speaker: CEDIA 2023

Jul 17, 2023

SIX FIVE Audio are bringing two new CI products at CEDIA 2023. For those looking for an easier way to install in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers and outdoor lighting/speakers for a pathway, this company has some interesting solutions.









The CI category benefitted enormously from the COVID pandemic and whilst that momentum slowed somewhat as North American consumers emerged from lockdowns and inflation took a toll on their pocketbooks, there is still a lot of demand for in-wall/in-ceiling and outdoor loudspeaker solutions.

Consumers who have balked in the past at the concept of in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers consistently complain about how difficult it can be to install these types of loudspeakers on your own, but the reality is that manufacturers have made it a lot easier to get this done properly. SIX FIVE Audio are not the only brand with proprietary mounting solutions to simplify installation, but their solution is one of the better ones.

So what are they bringing to CEDIA 2023?

SIX FIVE Audio is making its much-anticipated return to the show, bringing a wave of new technology to Denver’s doorstep at booth 3251. As a division of Memphis Audio, a family-owned audio company with over 50 years of audio engineering under its belt, SIX FIVE Audio is not just a name but a legacy.

Rooted in a passion for sound that dates back to 1965, Memphis Audio laid the groundwork for SIX FIVE Audio’s journey. With decades of experience in crafting top-notch audio solutions for mobile, marine, and powersports, the transition to home audio was a natural evolution.

SIX FIVE Audio takes this legacy forward, blending technical innovation with a commitment to delivering value to its integration partners. President Nick LoMonaco shares, “Our products stand strong against any competition. We’ve built trust over the years by understanding dealer needs and consistently delivering innovative audio solutions that push the boundaries of performance.”

At CEDIA 2023, booth 3251 promises an interactive experience. Explore architectural in-ceiling/in-wall audio solutions with the TurboMount technology – a game-changer in mounting systems.

With the V Series and M Series product lines, SIX FIVE Audio caters to different preferences and different budgets, while their home audio powered subwoofers redefine sound depth.

V-Series, a premium line of speakers, boasts the pinnacle of technology and top-grade materials. On the other hand, the M-Series speakers are designed to deliver remarkable performance in a more budget-friendly form, without compromising on features.

The patented TurboMount Technology offers unparalleled ease and speed of installation for in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. TurboMount’s innovative design deploys doglegs in a swift motion, automatically adjusting to the mounting surface’s depth through a 90-degree lever rotation.

To remove the speaker, a simple twist with a small screwdriver through the designated holes unlocks the legs, allowing the speaker to be removed with ease.

V-Series subwoofers, powered enclosures with a sealed design, offer impressive bass in a compact footprint. Meanwhile, the M-Series subwoofers are performance powerhouses, featuring a large port for intense bass and an illuminated subwoofer and down-firing ground lighting effects for a captivating ambiance.

Have you ever considered installing outdoor loudspeakers along a path or even your front steps?

Not everyone wants to mount outdoor speakers where they are visible, especially in areas of high foot traffic. For those looking for a easier way to combine outdoor lighting and audio, SIX FIVE Audio is taking audio beyond walls, with its new Fusion Soundscape Pathway Lights with Integrated Speaker.

This patent-pending design integrates all-weather speakers into traditional landscape pathway lighting, transforming outdoor spaces into immersive realms of light and sound.

Optional accessories include in-ground sub, amp and transformer. A 4-pack starts at $1,299 USD.

CEDIA 2023 attendees are invited to experience the future of audio at the SIX FIVE Audio Booth #3251; the product will also have a smaller static display available at the Powerhouse Alliance booth #2547.

For more information, please visit,

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