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PC Games That Are Better With A Controller

Jun 10, 2023

Here are some great PC games that are better with a controller. In fact, one can say that they’re meant to be played with a controller. Because shooters and games that require precise aiming are obviously better with a keyboard and a mouse, those types of games won’t be included here.

This is a very obvious pick for this list. Elden Ring and the Dark Souls games focus on melee and magic combat mainly. While it’s possible to play them with a keyboard and a mouse, it feels way better with a controller.

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I’m positive that many of you will never return to playing them with a keyboard and a mouse after you get used to a controller. There are ranged mechanics in these games, but they are optimized for a controller. There is aim assist if you want to aim precisely, but many players will end up using the lock-on system instead.

While Sekiro is a game by From Software, it has many differences and it’s more unique than a Soulsborne game. But I included this as an entry under the Elden Ring entry because of its similarities to the Souls-like genre.

Unlike the Dark Souls games, there is only a single combat system in Sekiro, and it’s very optimized and consistent. This game is really good with a keyboard and mouse and it really feels satisfying that way. But despite that, playing it with a controller is still better and the combat system feels better.

The Yakuza franchise is also good with a keyboard and a mouse, but it’s one of those games that feels infinitely better with a controller. The movement and combat are very responsive, and your reflexes are way faster with a controller. That results in a better gaming experience.

There are many unique and powerful moves in the game that require precise timing, and with a controller, it’s much easier. Because of the sheer amount of dramatic and over-the-top moments/moves in the game, it feels awesome when the controller vibrates in dynamic intros and when you execute powerful attacks.

The Judgment franchise is a spin-off series set in the Yakuza universe. And it’s also canon to the lore and the universe of Ryu Ga Gotoku. Many players consider these games to have the most polished and fun combat systems out of all the games.

Needless to say, the games feel much better with a good controller. I highly recommend this franchise even if you haven’t played any of the Yakuza games. They’re thrilling and have the atmosphere of gritty thriller movies like Oldboy.

Many gamers argue that the Forza Horizon franchise (or any racing game, for that matter) is infinitely better with a driving wheel controller. But they may not be affordable or accessible to some gamers. Of course, these games can be played with a keyboard and a mouse.

Because of the ability to steer, accelerate and brake precisely and smoothly with a controller, the games are miles better with a controller. In fact, I advise against playing them with your keyboard and mouse. A controller is an affordable and way better choice for a racing game.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a fantasy RPG from 2012 that was ported for PC in 2016. It’s optimized for the keyboard and mouse, and that’s how I played it in my first playthrough. Now for my second run, I’m using my controller and it’s positively a way better experience.

The game’s action-packed and tight combat system feels really satisfying with a controller, especially when it vibrates when you execute a stylish and powerful attack. There are multiple classes in this game and each of them feels better with a controller, even the ones that require aiming precisely.

God of War was only recently ported to PC, but it was made to be played on a PlayStation console. Because the only way of controlling the games on PS4 and PS5 is with a controller, the game was more or less built to be played that way.

Now, games like Uncharted 4 (which was also ported to PC) are also made to be played with a controller, you might argue. But they’re shooter games so they’re always better with the keyboard and mouse.

That’s not the case with God of War. It features great hack n’ slash combat; like all the other entries on this list, that type of game is best experienced with a controller. However, God of War is highly playable with a keyboard and a mouse too, but a controller is better.

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