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Is an 80 Plus Platinum

Jan 23, 2024

The 80 Plus rating is a voluntary certification for power supplies that indicates their efficiency and quality. A power supply with a good 80 Plus rating uses high-quality components and is usually quite reliable.

Thanks in part to their premium components, more efficiently classified power supplies operate more economically. Platinum models in particular rely on especially high-quality components here.


An 80 Plus Gold power supply is 87 percent efficient at 100 per cent load, while an 80 Plus Platinum model is 89 percent efficient at 100 per cent load. This means that a 700-watt 80 Plus Gold power supply will draw 791 watts of power from the wall socket to deliver 700 watts to PC components. An 80 Platinum power supply, on the other hand, only needs 777 watts. In the long run, this can make a small difference in the electricity bill. In addition, Platinum-certified power supplies usually offer longer warranty periods than Gold-certified power supplies.

For 80-plus power supplies, you can choose between Gold and Platinum. The higher the quality of the precious metal used, the more efficiently the power supply works.


Is an 80 Plus Platinum power supply overkill? Basically, it always pays to invest in a good power supply. If you can afford an 80 Plus Platinum power supply and it comes from a renowned manufacturer, it is a worthwhile investment. An 80-Plus Gold power supply is also fine if it comes from brand-name manufacturers such as Be Quiet, Corsair, Seasonic or Asus.

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