How to Use a PS5 DualSense Edge Controller on a PC
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How to Use a PS5 DualSense Edge Controller on a PC

Jun 08, 2023

All you have to do for a wired connection is plug it in. For wireless, you'll need to pair first

Plug the DualSense Edge into your PC with a USB cable, and it will connect automatically.

For wireless: Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth on your PC, press and hold the PS and Create buttons on the controller, then click Bluetooth > Wireless controller.

Controller profiles and custom button assignments can only be created and edited using a PS5 console.

This article explains how to use a PS5 DualSense Edge controller on a PC, including connecting via USB and Bluetooth and using the controller with both Steam and non-Steam games.

The DualSense Edge controller is essentially a DualSense controller with extra buttons and features, so it works on PCs like the original DualSense. You can connect a DualSense Edge to a PC with a wired connection, and you can also pair it via Bluetooth for a wireless connection.

Once you have connected a DualSense Edge to your PC, the exact functionality will vary from game to game. Some PC games include built-in support for the extra buttons and the improved triggers, and others don’t. Other games treat the DualSense Edge as a regular DualSense because they don’t support the additional features.

There is no way to directly edit controller profiles and custom button assignments for the DualSense Edge on a PC. You'll need to sync your controller to a PS5 and set your custom profiles there before you connect the controller to your PC.

The DualSense Edge has a USB-C port just like the DualSense, so you can plug it into your Windows PC, and it will work automatically.

Here’s how to connect a DualSense Edge to a PC with a wired connection:

Plug a USB cable into your PC.

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Plug the other end into your DualSense Edge, and Windows will automatically recognize the controller.

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To verify that Windows recognized the controller, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Devices, and look for the DualSense Edge listing.

If your PC doesn’t recognize the controller, make sure Windows is fully updated.

The DualSense Edge also supports wireless connections via Bluetooth, so you’ll need to pair your controller to your PC if you want to play unplugged.

To avoid any connection errors, turn off your PS5 before you start this process.

Here’s how to connect a DualSense Edge to a PC wirelessly:

On your PC, right click the Start button and select Settings.

Click Bluetooth & Devices.

Click Add device.

Press and hold the PlayStation and Create buttons on your DualSense Edge until it enters pairing mode.

On your PC, click Bluetooth.

Select DualSense Edge Wireless Controller.

Click Done, and your controller is now ready to use.

While your controller is connected to your PC at this point, you will typically need to set it up in DS4Windows or Steam to use it with your games.

The DualSense Edge works well on Windows PCs but works better with a wired connection than a wireless one. Some newer games will automatically recognize a DualSense Edge and support the adaptive triggers and other features when used with a wired connection. Windows also recognizes it as a DualSense Edge when used with a wireless connection, but games are less likely to support it without help.

While some games support the DualSense Edge automatically, you’ll typically need to use a third-party app like DS4Windows or Steam’s Big Picture Mode.

Here’s how to use DualSense Edge on a PC with DS4Windows:

Disconnect your DualSense Edge and turn it off.

Navigate to the DS4Windows Github, and download the installer.

You will also need to install the .NET runtime if you've never done so before. It's linked at the top of the DS4Windows Github for easy access if you need it.

Run the installer, and select Appdata.

You may need to reboot as part of this process.

Select DS4 Device Support and DualSense Device Support, then click Close.

With DS4Windows running, connect your DualSense Edge via USB or Bluetooth and click Start.

When your controller appears in the Controllers tab of DS4Windows, it’s ready to use.

If you play PC games through Steam, you don’t need DS4Windows to use your DualSense Edge. Steam has the capability to use DualSense controllers built right in, but you will need to use Big Picture Mode and change a setting.

Here’s how to use DualSense Edge with Steam:

Connect your DualSense Edge to your PC via USB or Bluetooth.

Open Steam, and click the TV icon to enter Big Picture Mode.

Select PS Menu.

Select Settings.

Select Controller.

Select the Enable Steam Input for Playstation Controllers toggle.

Your controller will now work with Steam games in Big Picture mode. Click Begin Test to verify operation, or just launch your game and start playing.

You can click Open on this screen to calibrate your controller if it isn't working correctly.

Your controller is ready to use with Steam games.

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