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Hart Plaza set for multi

Aug 09, 2023

By Terell Bailey

August 9, 2023 / 11:57 PM / CBS Detroit

(CBS DETROIT) - Hart Plaza is set to look a bit different in the near future. The Detroit community staple is set to receive some much-needed upgrades.

Hart Plaza is in for a multi-million dollar upgrade starting this fall. Dodge Fountain, which sits in the middle, will be restored to its former glory. City leaders tell CBS News Detroit it's difficult recalling the last time the fountain was in operation.

"We're holding on to it with duct tape and bubble gum right now, so hopefully, when we get it up, it'll be running," said Jessica Parker, deputy chief operating officer.

Dodge Fountain first came to the city back in the 70s, and for years it's brought entertainment. But after failing equipment, the community staple rarely runs. As of now, bidding is happening to determine who will fix the fixture.

"We've made a comeback and we are continuing to grow. We're doing this infrastructure throughout the city, not just downtown, but we want people to experience the best part of Detroit and the fountain is part of that," Parker said.

Also, the stairway from the riverfront to the plaza will receive a few tweaks to make it more accessible. The statue that sits between the stairway will remain.

The price tag for the renovations is $9 million. Federal pandemic relief funds will foot the bill. In a year's time, the hope is that the area will be more inviting.

"And then we're going to address some of the green spaces around it. So it'll be more aesthetically pleasing," Parker said.

Once completed, the city plans to have the fountain running from April until October. For those who were raised in the area, they say it's good to see the city pushing forward.

"I feel like a lot of people underestimate Detroit. I feel like we haven't been given the credit we deserve, and I feel like a lot of people are starting to acknowledge we are one of the best cities in the Midwest, especially with all the investments downtown. I feel like we can compete with big cities like Chicago," said Justin Jones, who was born and raised in Detroit.

The city expects to have the two projects completed by next spring, just in time for the NFL draft. Once more funding is secured, additional upgrades to the plaza could happen.

First published on August 10, 2023 / 12:08 AM

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